The Video Game

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Aura uses immersive, user-driven, first person storytelling, inspired by games like Gone Home , Dear Esther , Firewatch, the inexplicable Sad Satan  and the work of Kitty Horrorshow

Narratively, Aura comes from the school of surrealist horror and science fiction, heavily influenced by David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Stanley Kubrick. The themes draw from the work of scientist John C. Lilly, soundwave mind control techniques, and psychic imprints.

What is Aura about?

Dr. Theo Aphasian is a neuroscientist; a brilliant and charming man whose life experience has led him to believe that the human race needs to evolve away from codependence. Feeling that personalized technology has pushed us into the first step of independence, Aphasian commits to developing medical therapies to finally eliminate the need for codependency using advanced soundwave therapy.

In 2036, you are a new recruit at the internal investigations department at ZeeWell Corporation, sent to Theo’s laboratory after a mysterious incident involving his work has left thousands dead or insane. People affected were within a mile of ZeeWell labs, and the epicenter is Theo’s laboratory.

Exploring the lab, you are tasked with finding whatever you can to determine the cause of the disaster, and discover the series of events that led to its triggering. A complex puzzle reveals itself, shedding light onto Aphasian’s personal life, the real goals behind his work, the other parties with stakes in the technology and the suspicious role of the ZeeWell Corporation.